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Kinetic Composition

I’ve been fascinated for a while now with a particular artistic motif which depicts King David, ruler of ancient Israel and credited author of many of the Psalms, in the rapturous throes of composing. Many images of David with his harp/lyre can be found dating right back through the early middle ages, but many of these are also of a somewhat static, poised David. As art became more expressive of emotion in the Renaissance and beyond, the figure of David became more dramatic. And David, as an artistic figure, is particularly suited for drama. Continue reading

Once – I was a writer.

once film

While browsing iTunes the other day, I made a couple impulse buys I’d had on my “To Buy One Day” list.  The winners were Solo Piano by Gonzales (great) and the self-titled album by The Swell Season.  I’m glad I remembered The Swell Season, a unique duet composed of Glen Hansard (of The Frames) and Marketa Irglova, also the stars of the 2006 film Once.  Listening to their album took me back to their movie, which, if you’ve never seen, you should.  The songs are straight-forward, musically instinctual not intellectual.  The instrumentation is simple — a non-imposing acoustic carrying the rhythm, some meager but honest strings for a little orchestration, and very basic piano framing progressions or complementing the melodies sung by Hansard. Continue reading