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How To Pick A Song For Church – Part 2


In my last post I hoped to convey the importance and gravity of choosing good and proper songs for church.  I suggested using the triple test of “everywhere, always, and by all” (universality, antiquity, and consent) as a guide for choosing songs, relying on the judgment of the Church through the ages instead of following the unbalanced judgment of isolated times and places.  This approach guarantees orthodox content and a worthy quality of song to be sung in church, and it gives occasion for those doing the choosing to exercise prudence and humility, relieving them of the temptation to assert their own wisdom and will. Continue reading

Between Sundays

naming the animals

As modern American Christians, we seem to know that we ought to worship.  Whether we’re new to the church or we grew up in it, we’re pretty aware that “worshipping” is part of the Christian life.  We figure that’s mostly accomplished through singing and praying at church.  But since we’re at church a comparatively small amount of time throughout the week, we may wonder if our worship is supposed to go beyond that.  How do we worship outside of church, though?  What does that entail? Continue reading