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God The Scientist, God The Poet

Eyes that can see

When I was a kid I lived in a neighborhood that was relatively safe to run around in and explore. There was a small creek that ran through the neighborhood, and I used to play on its small muddy banks. I’d take the route from my house that wound through my neighbors’ back yards, through dense foliage, between trees, and behind fences, until I could hear the faint babbling of the water and saw the sun only reaching the ground in a few thin shafts that squeezed through the dancing, leafy canopy above. The somewhat isolated creek had its own character and feel, and its banks and surrounding grounds became a secret garden. I was probably only a few hundred yards from my house, but it was a world away. Continue reading

Be Adjectival

Hiking Trail

The older I get, the more I come to appreciate the character of each season of the year and what each has to offer.  The beginnings of the seasons in particular, when the last season is only just behind us and the new is only just asserting itself, are full of new beauty.  This Spring already is offering up glorious assertions of its presence.  You can become captured in one of these assertive moments at unexpected times and almost anywhere, but sometimes I like to put myself in places where people haven’t asserted themselves on nature so much, and thus increase my chances that nature and her season can assert themselves on me.  I just returned from a trip where I did some hiking in hopes of just such an encounter with Spring. Continue reading