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This Is My City

I was driving to church today as I do every week to get ready for the service, my mind swarming with tasks and responsibilities for the day.  I approached the downtown connector from I-20 as the trees and billboards cleared and the city skyline opened up.  Low, dramatic clouds framed the tall windowed structures, and a stately golden dome atop the capitol proudly stood out in front of them.  My swarming thoughts dissipated for a moment as I turned to look several times at the panorama which was especially captivating today.  The thought occurred to me: I love this city. Continue reading

New Church?

I’m a part of a new church plant. Church of the Advent will be an Anglican congregation meeting and working within the city of Atlanta. Though the official “plant” date for the church will be later this year, I and the two other fellas’ who will humbly serve as pastors for the church kicked off our first prayer service last night, along with a small number that had gathered to worship with us. This was the first of what will be the Advent’s Thursday night vespers service, a service for the purpose of praying for Atlanta, for the future of the church’s mission, and for each other as people sharing that mission. Continue reading