Youtube Channel!

This blog is old. By the standards of the internet anyway. I have content going way back to a time in my life that seems almost a world away, given all that’s transpired in my life since I began this thing. But, since I’ve recorded many of those progressive life changes on this blog, not just in the outer circumstances of my life, but of the development of my thought, it has sort of has helped me to stay connected by a rational continuity between where I was spiritually and philosophically all those years ago to now. And reading back through all of those records of thought, I’ve decided that some of it is pretty decent—and even, with a little tweaking, might deserve a slightly broader audience.

So I’ve created a Youtube channel on which I’m turning some of my old blog posts into new videos. I’m choosing what I think is some of the more important and perennially relevant content and narrating it over some interesting visuals in the hope that, with time, I can grow a larger and larger viewership, possibly even monetize some of the videos, and justify spending time making more and more of them and improving their production value. As great as this platform has been for sharing my thoughts and ponderings to the world, I know that it has been primarily a catharsis for myself. I have no real SEO here, no great way to expand my content to a very wide audience, but Youtube presents a new opportunity to make a bigger impact. And without trying to sound immodest, I want to make a bigger impact, to share what I think are worthwhile thoughts and ideas, experience and hard won education. The internet is filling up with more and more trash at an exponential rate, and while it’s also gaining more and more wonderful and worthwhile content, I don’t think it is being added at a commensurate rate to the trash. So there’s room at the table to contribute good stuff. That’s what I’d like to do.

So please head over to my new channel and check out some of the videos I’ve made so far. And to really help me, click ‘Subscribe’ in order to follow the channel and convince Youtube’s algorithm that it should be recommending my videos to more viewers. Thanks in advance!

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