New Blog!

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So, I have a new blog now! As in, I now have two blogs; I’m not replacing this one. I’ve been asked to be a contributing blogger on the new website This new site will include blogs, media, and articles on various topics related to the Western Rite in the Orthodox Church, particularly in the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America. If all of that sounds a bit unfamiliar and oddly specific, then you’re in the right place. All that stuff is important to me and occupies a large amount of my interest and energy, but it doesn’t always overlap exactly with what I prefer to explore here.

I plan to keep this blog more broad in scope, or else, if I get more narrowly focussed, not always in the same ways I’ll be over at the other blog. There will of course be some overlap of content and subject matter. In fact, I’ve named my new blog “According to the Whole” after the quasi-autobiographical series I wrote here. Just like the driving idea of this blog is a holistic, one-world concept, the driving idea over there will be a holistic one-Church concept—that there’s one Orthodox Church with broadly “Eastern” and “Western” traditions within it.

I kicked off this new blog with a very abbreviated version of my story about how I went from a Baptist kid to an Anglican church planter to a Western Rite Orthodox congregant. The more detailed account of that journey is in this post on this blog.

If you’re at all interested in what the world of Western Rite Orthodoxy is all about (an admittedly small world right now but one with tremendous potential implications), then do go check out my new little corner of the internet, and explore more of the site for your edification.

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