The Truth Of The Story

Steve Robinson, a podcaster on Ancient Faith Radio, puts our modern world in perspective for us and reminds us of the truth of “the story.”  Listen to this episode at the link posted below.

“…These [fairy tale] truths struggle for their place amongst our grown-up notions of reality, our search for laboratory evidence, statistical certainty, and scientific replication.  The universe of our childhood is more real because it is certain that there is mystery at work in the world; that there is a profound order we can only speak of through stories; that speaking the truth is best; that evil gets it in the end; that true love conquers all; that death is only sleep when one who is willing to die for love comes along and kisses us; and that some one loves me in my ugly beast-ness, and through that love I will someday become fully and perfectly human.

Given the choice, I’ll take my fair tales over the dull certainty of my scientific adult world, thank you.  The Gospel is the most marvelous of all fairy tales, but it’s not a fairy tale, a story of some imaginary land with dragons and princes and evil giants.  The Gospel is truth – the fulfillment of all our fairy tale human hopes and desires to be saved from the frightening and dark world, and even from ourselves, by some benevolent fairy god-mother, by some prince, by some one whose love is pure, whose invincible goodness is stronger than the evil of the wicked witch.  And we know within the child inside us all that without that fairy tale hope, we don’t have a hope in the world.

The Gospel is the mystery of God, told in a foolish story that’s as real as suffering, separation, despair, lies, envy, pride, death, resurrection from the dead, hope, love, mercy, and truth.  A mystery that only a child would believe – or an adult who’s not ashamed to admit the truth about the emperor’s new clothes and his own nakedness…”

You can find more of Steve the Builder at Ancient Faith Radio in the podcasts section.

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