On choosing medicine.

Medicine Aisle
I feel like a zombie. I woke up today and realized that I’m sick – for the second time in two months. This is very frustrating. I had to leave work early because I could barely even move for body aches and lethargy. As soon as I got home I crawled in bed and succumbed to the fever sweeping over my body. Closing my eyes tightly to counter the sinus pressure building behind my face, I laid there noticing that my bed and maybe even the floor felt like they were shaking with every intense heart beat. I’m now awake after that initial sleep battle, but the war is not won. Soon there will be another large swig of NyQuil, and a couple more CVS brand cold/flu pills popped.

Before I got home today, though, I had to stop and get some medicine. I was already in my zombie-like state by that time, and stumbling my way to the cold and flu aisle I just wanted to grab something and immediately teleport to my bed. As I gazed over all the drugs/medicines/remedies, I eventually became aware of the fact that I had been standing, slightly slouched with droopy eye lids and my mouth partially open, in the middle of the aisle for quite some time. I had no idea what I was looking at. I’m now convinced that the most cruel thing ever is the daunting wall of indistinguishable cold remedies that you never have to look at until you’re in too much of a fog to even know what’s going on. You have no idea what the actual differences between the medicines are; you’re just desperately looking for the box that has the greatest number of your current symptoms written on it.

I eventually just went with a CVS brand medicine that seemed to have the most comprehensive list I could find. (I wasn’t in too much of a fog not to think with my wallet). By the time I checked out, I didn’t really care anymore wether I picked the best medicine. I just know now that as I take my pills here at home, I probably find more imaginary comfort in the fact that I’m “targeting” my…

-Sinus Pressure, Nasal Congestion
-Body Aches/Headaches
-Fever/Soar Throat

…than I am actually getting physical relief from them. Though I’m still a bit cynical, whenever I get sick I will always subscribe to the psychological comfort in feeling like some medicine out there will be just for me.

1 thought on “On choosing medicine.

  1. Liza

    Earlier this week I was standing in the medicine aisle and I recalled somewhere in the depths of my flu pandemic stupor your blog post on this eons ago. I couldn’t recall whether you had found a ‘miracle drug’ or not. Ah well. Darn you, drug companies, and your inability to create the perfect drug that counterattacks every one of my symptoms.


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